21+ Easy LinkedIn Recruiter Resources

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LinkedIn For RecruitersMorning!

Ever hear of LinkedIn?  An extremely popular business networking site, it contains a plethora of solid gold sourcing nuggets, just waiting for the savvy recruiter or sourcer to unearth!

(you can see my LinkedIn profile HERE!  But I digress.  :)   )

So tell me now…do you have an insane urge to tap into the power of LinkedIn?  If so, here are some great resources to help you make the most of it.

NOTE!Step 1.)  Get thee hence one of to the best LinkedIn resource around

Yahoo! Groups has a superb listing of wondrous LinkedIn resources!  Start off with


(can’t say enough good things about it – it’s run by Vincent Wright, Master Social Media networker and recruiter).  It’s a super place to begin!

NOTE!Step 2.)  Get thee hence next to another best LinkedIn resource around!

You’ve heard of Dave Mendoza, right?  Dave runs MegaNetworking Industry Days – you can check them out HERE

He has excellent articles on LinkedIn, including:

Once you’ve taught yourself how to revamp your LinkedIn Profile and networked with Dave,

NOTE!Step 3.)  Dive into other LinkedIn Yahoo Groups:

Once enjoying the goodness that surrounds MyVirtualPowerForum, check out:

 However, Yahoo Groups is not the only place where you can find LinkedInGoodness!  Next, move to:

NOTE!Step 4.)  Enter MyLinkedInPowerForum at Ning

Ning is a great networking site – it hosts some of my favorite places like

Do visit the above!!  And then consider:

 ’course, any resource about LinkedIn wouldn’t be complete without:

NOTE!Step 5.)  Get the inside tips from savvy LinkedIn Users

Lots of business professionals write about Linkedin: enjoy the following tips I’ve found for you!

Nice, huh?  But wait!

NOTE!Step 6.)  Want the complete blueprint?

It could be that right about NOW, you’re thinking to yourself:

Jeepers Barbara, those sites are mighty impressive…but what if I want complete handholding regarding how to master Linkedin?

Wish no more!  Get thee hence to the most popular book on the planet

Happy About LinkedIn Recruiting

Happy About LinkedIn

it will take you by the hand and lead to you directly to how to power up your LinkedIn Recruiting techniques before you can say

Jeepers Barbara, thanks for the resource!  :)


Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about LinkedIn, have you seen:


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  1. Hi Barbara, good resource list, must have taken quite some time to compile.

    Stumbled it for you:

    Jacob from JobMob’s last blog post..Keep The Light Shining: 3 Unemployment Survival Lessons From Your Canadian English Teacher

  2. Hi Jacob!

    Thanks so much for the stumble – I appreciate it! Glad you like the list as well.

    Best wishes, Barbara

  3. Barbara,

    Great list.

    You’ve got “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” listed, and the website is also a free resource.

    I cover additional material, answer user questions, and offer a free tip sheet based on my introductory talk about LinkedIn.

    RSS and email subscriptions to the column are available: http://www.linkedinpersonaltrainer.com


    The LinkedIn Personal Trainer

  4. Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for the added information! I greatly appreciate it.

    Best wishes, Barbara

  5. Barbara, Here is a resource you might have missed!Cool-Tool: Searchable Collection of 2400 LinkedIn Groups http://tinyurl.com/5ouh57

    Jim’s Last Post – The Future of Military Recruiting

  6. Hi Jim!

    Nope, it’s there! 8th one down from Step 5. It’s a great resource!!

    Thanks for the tip, Barbara

  7. Hi Barbara,

    That is an impressive collection. I may have missed things that are there in your list but here’s what I have used and I’d like to offer:

    * The new groups functionality. It makes the Group Directory on yahoo groups obsolete. You can search groups by keywords and they appear in the order of their size. You can search within a group and find members by keyword.

    * This came along with the new “send” functionality. You can send messages to people who are in the same group as you, and not necessarily connected with you. Not all members are open to receive messages this way but many are. Unlike inmails, “sends” are not limited and are free of charge.

    * The groups discussions. You can post any questions, messages or simply post your profile, you will get invited.

    * LinkedIn can be searched from Google (or other search engines), like this:
    -intitle:directory -intitle:answers site:linkedin.com

    Here are some concrete examples (used on Google+Broadlook Diver)

    And two pieces that have been on LI for a while:

    * Downloadable LinkedIn outlook bar. It lets you see profiles of people who email to you, to whom you have sent emails and who you save in your contact folder. Have an email address, find the profile. Very useful.

    * LinkedIn Answers. Do an interesting post, get noticed.

    Irina Shamaeva,

  8. Barbara,
    Thanks kindly for your super nice words and for including my groups as part of your excellent resource for Recruiters (and others).

    Quick note regarding Step 4: the name of my primary group on Ning is My Linking Power Forum. It’s located here: http://MyLinkingPowerForum.ning.com

    (Even I have trouble keeping My Virtual Power Forum, My Linking Power Forum, and My Linkedin Power Forum straight! :-) )

    Now: What can we do for *YOU*, Barbara? :-)

    Keep STRONG!
    Vincent Wright

  9. Wow, what a super list of ideas!! Thanks so much for adding them.

    Best wishes,


  10. Hi Vincent!

    Thanks for the input – I’ll fix it. And as to what you can do for me…I’ll drop you an email. :) Thanks for asking!

    Best wishes, Barbara

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