Helping Gen X and Retired Employees Secure Job Employment

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Baby Boomers


Think about the following:

…But—I know someone will ask—here is the evidence that things are fine for young people:

1. Jobs for low-level candidates are increasing. This data comes from a report from issued on November 14: In October 2008, jobs for candidates with 0-3 years of experience increased by 3.68% when compared to jobs posted in September 2008. This was the only category of jobs by experience level that did not decrease over the previous month.

3. College grads are doing fine in today’s market. On November 19, JobFox announced that, "Skilled professionals remain in demand despite the economic downturn. While the unemployment rate rose to 6.5 percent in October, the unemployment rate for professionals with college degrees remains manageable at 3.1 percent."…MORE….

Well!  While that’s certainly peachy for the Millennials and other various life forms, what about those individuals who really could use a recruiter’s assistance to boost their job-security probability?

Glad you asked!  Here are some super resources for you to consider.

But a question now arises.  What are some of the characteristics mature job seekers (otherwise known as Baby Boomers and the like) can offer your clients?

Of course, one of the first and foremost qualities is EXPERIENCE.  One can never put an old head on a young body…and chances are, the more experience you have under your belt, the better you’ll be at coping with unexpected challenges at work (as you’ll have dealt with such things in prior years.

Another nifty benefit to mature workers is, well, MATURITY.  If you’ve been in the work world for a couple of decades, chances are….you’ve turned on a dime more often than children lose single socks, and know when NOT to blow up, when to stand firm, and when to negotiate.  In other words…win win scenarios!

Can YOU show your mature job candidates the benefits of the above…and ensure they incorporate them in their future interviews? 

If so, that’s one extra commission for you…and one superb opportunity for the job seeker you placed.

And if that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.  :)


Barbara Ling

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